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Business Breakups and Closings

Developing Orderly Resolutions to Business Affairs

In a business breakup where partners or shareholders are left dividing the assets and liabilities, the infighting can be as severe as with any divorce. Often times during a business breakup, once-cordial business associates become unable to agree on anything, making every aspect of the closing a battle.

At SG LEGAL, our lawyers represent businesspeople involved in the breakup or closing of a business. We work diligently to obtain an orderly resolution to all business concerns, while also ensuring our clients’ interests are protected throughout the dissolution process.

Winding up a business will often require partners or shareholders to resolve a variety of issues. For example, business owners frequently disagree about the value of the business or the respective contributions of each partner. These are often highly contested issues without clear answers. We provide practical solutions and pragmatic legal advice to wind up business operations and move through the process of closing a business.

As a firm, we have extensive experience handling the full spectrum of business and commercial law matters. Drawing on these experiences, we are able to effectively guide clients through business closings. Whether we are resolving disputes through negotiated settlement, or are forced into court to request dissolution, we are able to effectively protect our clients’ rights and interests.

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