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Areas of Practice

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Real Estate

SG Legal’s Real Estate Group represents developers, owners, equity investors, home builders, lenders, governments and other real estate professionals in all aspects of real estate ownership, finance, development, management and disposition.

Our clients range from individual owners and investors to publicly-traded companies to real estate investment trusts (REITs).  We provide general outside counsel to a number of privately-held development companies.  We also represent privately-held and publicly-traded corporations in the purchase, development, management, leasing and disposition of their extensive real estate holdings in partnership with in-house counsel and client real estate teams.  

Our lawyers have worked with numerous national banks, regional banks and life insurance companies in closing construction, permanent and mezzanine loans.

We help our clients negotiate and close the full range of real estate transactions, including:

  • Purchases and sales of single properties and multiple property portfolios

  • Leases

  • Equity investments and joint ventures

  • Sale/leaseback transactions

  • Construction, mezzanine and permanent financing, for single property or multiple-site transactions

  • Secured and unsecured lines of credit

  • Re-zoning, variances, development approvals and other entitlements

  • Loan modifications, ownership restructuring and workouts

  • Development agreements

  • Site development agreements and REAs

  • Real estate tax appeals and tax exemptions

Our work spans all property types, from raw land to complex mixed-use developments, and has involved projects throughout the United States.

Most important, we have a deep understanding of the real estate business and strive to provide our clients with sound legal counsel and practical solutions.  Our clients look to us to “get the deal done,” and we work proactively to resolve issues and close transactions quickly.

Business Law

Businesses need lawyers who know business, not just the letter of the law. This means engaging a law firm that can advise and counsel businesses to successful results.

SG Legal is rooted in serving the requirements of businesses large and small with attorneys who have experience in the business sector. We build a strong connection to our clients so we can better understand their needs and goals. This proactive approach helps businesses plan ahead for success and growth, avoid controversy where possible and anticipate issues that may arise in the future.

Throughout the life cycle of each business, SG Legal’s attorneys work closely with our clients as strategic partners. We help them to develop legal solutions that provide efficiency in their businesses, achieve their objectives and protect their profitability and viability.

Business Transactions and Transitions

SG Legal is well versed in negotiating, structuring and implementing commercial transactions such as acquisitions (stock and asset), mergers (stock, cash, etc.), tender offers (hostile and friendly), corporate spin-offs and leveraged buyouts. As our clients’ businesses expand and contract, we approach each transaction with their financial considerations and long-term strategic plans in mind. Our attorneys carefully listen to clients’ objectives before aggressively pursuing their interests in any transaction, including appropriate structures to maximize tax savings.

When our clients buy or sell some part of an entity, we advise and assist them with due diligence, including sales and supply agreements, relevant contracts, research and development agreements, licensing, franchising, distribution and indemnifications, negotiating representations and warranties. Our attorneys also advise clients on transfers of technology and intellectual property, as well as trademarks, copyrights and licenses. With regard to acquisition financing, we can recommend an approach best suited to the transaction considering the benefits and risks involved. Options include bank or institutional loans, venture capital and angel investors. Our attorneys are experienced working with private equity investors, as well as institutional lenders and lender groups. Attorneys in our real estate department are available to assist with lease transactions, as well as estoppels, consents and waivers as part of the deal.

SG Legal also advises clients as they establish and implement exit strategies for executives and owners, including transitions of ownership to partners, family members or chosen employees. We understand that an owner’s interest in a closely held business may be his or her largest and most important asset. Our business law attorneys work side-by-side with our full-service estates and trusts department to protect clients’ assets and interests. To prepare for transitions in ownership, we analyze the business’s needs and existing ownership structure, as well as the goals of its current and future owners. We advise clients on advanced planning related to tax structures and help them anticipate transitions and tax savings, while avoiding points of potential conflict.
Another form of business transition is the process of dissolution, or winding up. A business “divorce” involves issues of control, ownership and distribution of property, as well as potential payments. These business decisions are often accompanied by high-stakes conflict and intense emotions. Our attorneys lend a depth of experience in negotiation and, when necessary, litigation to resolve disagreements as part of the dissolution process.

Family Businesses

SG Legal has worked closely with generations of family business owners and executives. Our goal in these relationships is to facilitate the success and growth of our clients’ businesses as they transition between generations of ownership. To that end, we provide advice related to governance, risk management, employment, real estate and tax matters, as well as continuity and succession planning. In addition, we help family business owners anticipate risk and conflict through each stage of their business life cycle. By strengthening our clients’ family businesses, we endeavor to strengthen unity among the family members we serve.

As family businesses pass from generation to generation, transferring ownership control and assets can be a complex and emotional process. Our attorneys work with families to do advance planning for these transitions, minimizing conflict and stress. We apply our knowledge of what makes such transitions successful to our clients’ immediate needs and long-term goals, and those of each generation involved. If disputes arise within the family as part of this process, our attorneys are highly skilled at dealing with those conflicts and negotiating them to resolution.

Family business succession planning is a vital component for any closely-held business owner’s estate plan. Our business attorneys work closely with our full-service estates and trusts department, coordinating our efforts to plan business ownership transfers using methods that satisfy our clients’ personal objectives while minimizing risk and tax burdens.

Dispute Resolution and Litigation

When business and commercial disputes arise, SG Legal’s business attorneys work closely with outside litigation counsel to strengthen our clients’ positions. We help clients in negotiations, often in alternative dispute resolution settings. When those methods fail, our experienced team of business attorneys are able to assist with the aggressive pursuit of judicial relief in the courts or to assist with the defense of any claims brought against business owners, managers, directors or officers.

We have extensive experience in many areas of business litigation, including ownership disputes, breach of contract, business torts and fraud, shareholder or derivative actions, commercial real estate litigation, business liquidations and dissolutions, technology and intellectual property controversies, commercial collections and tax controversy. We also assist business owners with disputes in employment matters, including enforcement of restrictive covenants and confidentiality agreements, as well as defending discrimination and wage and hour claims.

Our attorneys regularly play an important part in the litigation process at the federal and state levels, in trial and appellate courts, and before administrative agencies and boards of appeal. Our insight, experience, knowledge and creativity allow us to effectively and efficiently represent clients’ interests in all of these arenas.

Family Law

Few areas of the law are as personal or fraught with emotion as matters concerning family. Individuals faced with the challenge of dissolving a marriage require an attorney who is sensitive to their needs and the emotional impact of divorce, yet is also practical in their approach, addressing such issues as financial obligations, tax consequences, business valuation and the long-term interests of any children.

SG Legal understands the personal and financial difficulties individuals face when going through separation and divorce. With our deep experience in this area of law, we are able to combine a sensitive approach with the determination and expertise to achieve our clients’ objectives. Working with our attorneys in diverse, yet interrelated, areas of law such as business and tax, we strive to make the transition into the next chapter of a client’s life as smooth as possible.

With the understanding that every client’s personal and family situation is different, we listen carefully to their concerns and customize our services to meet their needs. Whether it involves drafting a pre-nuptial agreement, negotiating a separation and property settlement agreement or valuing and distributing assets, working with the family law attorney’s of your choice we are able to provide the strategic thinking necessary to guide clients through a very difficult time in their lives.

Tax Law & Planning

The one certainty about taxes is that they affect virtually every business and personal financial decision.

SG Legal works with you on the intricacies of business and personal taxes in order to minimize tax liabilities. We participate in programs that allow us to stay on top of the rapidly changing world of tax laws, regulations, cases and rulings. We decode the tax talk and carefully guide our clients, helping them understand the big picture tax implications and tailoring strategies that benefit their short- and long-term objectives.

Our attorneys have extensive experience handling a broad range of tax-related matters, including tax planning, tax controversy resolution, business structuring and transactions, executive compensation and benefits planning, audits by federal and state taxing authorities, and tax litigation. Whether counseling on business or personal tax issues, we seek proactive approaches, efficient methods and effective solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

SG Legal provides federal and state tax-planning services for businesses and individuals. In every matter, we get to know our clients and their strategic objectives to offer advice that is tailored to their needs. Our goal is to protect our clients’ assets by taking full advantage of deductions, credits and losses that reduce their tax burden. We assist them in constructing comprehensive tax plans that comply with federal and state laws.

We help business owners as they choose and occasionally alter appropriate entity types for their businesses and structure and document the organization of their businesses. This process involves a multitude of tax considerations that may affect the short- and long-term success of a business. Our attorneys regularly assist owners as they address critical issues associated with forming, restructuring, transferring interests in, merging, converting and dissolving their businesses. We guide them through tax deferral and recapture planning, redemption transactions and, when necessary, the tax components of bankruptcy and insolvency processes. In addition, we assist larger businesses in complying with the mandatory tax provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and smaller businesses in understanding the tax credits available to them for expanding insurance coverage.

Our attorneys work with clients’ accountants, money managers and insurance professionals to minimize income and estate tax liability.

Employment Law

Strong employee-employer relationships are the lifeblood of every business. Yet, it is increasingly difficult for management to deal successfully with daily employment-related problems and complex workplace laws that are constantly changing.

SG Legal’s Employment Law practice is well versed in the ever-changing world of employment law. We help executives, managers and human resource professionals stay abreast of employment laws and assist them in developing policies and procedures that promote constructive employee relations and reduce liability in the workplace. In the event litigation does occur, our attorneys are strategic and effective.

Working closely with our clients, we strive to find practical solutions to employment issues. Our approach not only helps clients adapt quickly to changes in employment laws and regulations, but also helps them proactively implement workplace strategies that minimize legal burdens and achieve results for their organizations. In addition, our firm’s background in business law bolsters our employment law services, which means the solutions we offer also make good business sense.